Eliminate the Speed and Feed Variable

Pitch cam in a Top Cut bent shank tapping machine.

The primary gain is the ability to run at much higher speeds and still maintain the best thread quality. The tap life can still be as good as in machines that run at half the speed.

Streicher Maschinenbau GmbH has been manufacturing tapping machines for almost 80 years. Nearly 2000 machines have been produced by Streicher and are distributed in more than 70 countries.
Over the years, there has been a variety of different tapping machines, both bent shank (over tapping) and reversing style. Today, the primary nut tapping machines we are making is a series of two spindle bent shank tappers, the Top Cut, and a series of single spindle reversing tappers, the Varimac. The number one thing these machines have in common is that there is a mechanically controlled relationship between spindle speed and advance stroke speed. The Top Cut machine uses two plate cams to control the advancing of the carriages. The Varimac uses a lead thread driven by a servomotor to control the advance and return of the tapping spindle.
Eliminating the speed and feed variable in tapping machines has proven advantages. The primary gain is the ability to run at much higher speeds and still maintain the best thread quality. The tap life can still be as good as in machines that run at half the speed.

Varimac single spindle reversing tapper.

Many machines out there have no measurable way to set the feed advance for a given spindle speed. There are applications where special air-flow control valves that have their own index on the adjustment knob are used. These are great for repeatability of the setup, however using only a pneumatic cylinder will never have the precision of a cam or lead thread. It is up to the operators and their experience level to find the optimal settings. Usually, this is done by just watching a few cycles and adjusting the air-flow control valves until someone says, “Yeah, right about there is good.”
The latest machines available from Streicher Maschinenbau have removed this variable from the equation. The predecessor to the Top Cut was the Thread Star, which had precise angularity in the clamping carriage. However, the Thread Star was not able to achieve the speed of a machine with mechanically controlled feed. Newer Top Cut machines can also have the same angularity with precision feed and speed relationship of cams.

Precision with Flexibility

Additionally, Streicher Maschinenbau has seen through feedback from its customers, that demands change. Planning to purchase equipment based on specific parts is a big decision. It is great to gear up for something and then run it for 10 years or longer. However, many unexpected things happen, customer demands can change, pricing changes or a better opportunity comes along. Whatever it may be, Streicher has designed its machines to provide their users with the widest range of capabilities.
The Top Cut two spindle bent shank tapper series has three machine sizes. Two machines cover the range of M5 to M33. The Top Cut 16 covers M5 to M16 and the Top Cut 33 covers M16 to M33.
The smaller Top Cut 10 was engineered to accommodate operations focusing on M10 and smaller. Furthermore, these machines can tap hex, flange, square, round and conical shaped nuts.


High-Quality Taps Engineered to Meet Customers’ High Requirements

Scott Behm, President of E-Carb Tool & Supply, Taylor, MI, USA, explains that in today’s highly developed machine industry, a tap is a cutting tool that requires an extremely high level of quality and high performance. Nomura Tool Works Co., Ltd., Nara, Japan, responds to the challenge of the industry by researching and developing new steel tools and shapes for taps that are ahead of their time.

Since 1954, Nomura Tool Works has been producing and shipping taps to various countries in the world.Nomura’s long experience has convinced it that the key to success is “Kaizen” (continuous improvement). By Kaizen activities, Nomura Tool Works nurtures its human resources to spot waste (muda) in business operations and find the ways to eliminate this waste.
Nomura is committed to the Kaizen philosophy to continuously improve its capabilities in production, cost management and service. This results in high-quality service for Nomura’s customers who have high requirements for taps and their performance.
And as Nomura manufactures a huge variety of different taps, the purpose of the company’s new catalog is only to introduce samples of its taps. Therefore, if your requirements are different, please feel free to contact Nomura Tool Works.
Nomura Tool Works manufactures and supplies, bent shank taps, nib taps, nut taps, hand taps, spiral taps and thread forming taps. Also offered are pilot guide taps, trapezoidal thread taps, pipe taps, tandem taps, multiple thread taps and reamers.
For more technical details on the tap tools offered by Nomura Tool Works, visit: www.nomuratool.co.jp

Top Cut 16 Tapping

The Varimac single spindle reversing tapper series covers M4 to M33 with three machine sizes. This reversing tapper can produce nuts with blind holes, are too long for bent shank and tapered pipe threads. It can perform drilling, reaming and use thread forming taps. A rotary drum feeder or a vibratory bowl can be fitted to these machines.
Both the Top Cut and Varimac tapping machine types can produce metric and imperial threads as well as nonstandard thread pitches.
If you would like additional technical specification on the Top Cut and Varimac tapping machines, please visit the Streicher Maschinenbau GmbH website. www.streicher-maschinen.de
In the USA, you can contact E-Carb Tool & Supply, located in Clawson, MI, USA, for additional information, or you can visit the company’s website: www.ecarbtool.com

Company Profiles:

E-Carb Tool & Supply, Clawson, MI, USA, has been in business for approximately 11 years. E-Carb is the exclusive distributor for

Nomura Tool Works and Streicher for both the USA and Canada. For more about E-Carb Tool & Supply, visit: www.ecarbtool.com

Streicher Maschinenbau GmbH is located in the south of Germany, at Lake Constance. The company specializes in the design and construction of tapping machines for the fixtures and fixing components industry. Although the machines available from Streicher have ranked for years among the top leading products on the international market, the company is continually improving its machines’ design and construction with the cooperation of renowned users. Streicher is represented in many countries outside of Germany. Meanwhile, almost 2000 machines have been delivered into over 70 countries, worldwide. Streichers production facilities and modern machine tools offer a working environment with optimum conditions for product quality and performance. www.streicher-maschinen.de

SOURCE: Fastener Technology International/April 2019
ARTICLE BY: Al Godfrey
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