Single Spindle Reversible Automatic Nut Tapping Machine

Fully automatic tapping of nuts with a blind hole, as well as through-hole threads. The central feature of this machine is its reversible working spindle. All kinds of union and cap nuts, round and weld nuts, as well as all types of turned and special parts can be machined. The low-cost machine is mechanically controlled. All movements are monitored by a PLC.

Machine Uni-Cut 10 Uni-Cut 20
Thread dimension M3 - M12x1,5
1/4” - 1/2”-16
M5 - M20x1,5
3/16” - 3/4”-16
Max. outside diameter of parts 25 mm 50 mm
Max. length of parts 70 mm 70 mm
Power of spindle motor 1,1 kW 2,2 kW
Speed rande 700 - 2800 rpm 400 - 2000 rpm
Max. Output 4500 pcs/h 3500 pcs/h
Steering of the machine mechanisch / SPS mechanisch / SPS
Necessary air pressure 4 bar 4 bar