DW 30

Ovalisation machine

Production of locknuts and moulded locking parts by part-ovalisation of the nut body. Two rotating rollers, situated opposite to each other, are the central feature of the machine. The distance between the rollers is less than the nut that is being fed through. This causes the nut to be slightly deformed and a change in thread geometry. The distance between the rollers is adjustable; thus all standard nut sizes can be deformed by means of just one machine type.

machine DW 30
Thread measurement M10 - M33
3/8” - 1.1/4”
Width of deformation 0 - 80 mm
Force of deformation 0 - 120 kN
Diameter of roller 300 mm
Speed of roller 10 rpm
Drive power 2 x 0,75 kW
max. output quantity (depends on size of parts) 10.000 - 30.000 p/h