Single / Double spindle automatic nut tapping machine

Fully automatic tapping of nuts with through-hole threads. The central feature of the machine is a tap spindle which functions in accordance with the overtravel principal (bent shank). All kinds of standard nuts, flange nuts, cone and collar nuts as well as 12-point nuts and special nuts can be machined. The thread length may be maximal twice the size of the thread diameter. The low-cost machine is mechanically controlled and electrically monitored.

Machine TOP-CUT 10 D TOP-CUT 16 D TOP-CUT 33 D
Thread dimension M5 - M10 M5 - M16 M16 - M33
Number of spindles 2 2 2
Max. outside diameter of parts 25 mm 32 mm 60 mm
Max. width across flats (standard nuts) 22 mm 27 mm 50 mm
Power of spindle motor 4 kW 9,7 kW 13,2 kW
Speed range 400 - 5000 rpm 400 - 5000 rpm 200 - 1600 rpm
Max. output (square/hex nuts) 19700 pcs./h 19700 pcs./h 5950 pcs./h
Max. output (flange nuts) 11090 pcs./h 11090 pcs./h 3530 pcs./h